Compliance and Certification

Environmental Compliance

The UK Environment Agency regulates waste management activities including the transport, treatment and disposal of waste. All companies that produce or handle waste have a legal ’Duty of Care’ to dispose of it appropriately and must use companies authorised by the Environment Agency to transport their waste. We are licenced to transport waste produced by other companies and comply fully with all the relevant regulations.

  • Waste Carriers and Brokers Certificate - CBDU107545
    We are authorised to collect waste from companies and to arrange for other carriers to collect on our behalf. We will provide Waste Transfer Notes demonstrating your company’s compliance with your Duty of Care to dispose of waste correctly.
  • Waste Exemptions
    The Environment Agency has identified a number of low risk waste handling operations that do not require a permit, but must still be registered as ’waste exemptions’. We hold the following waste exemptions confirming that we are permitted to carry out the following tasks:
  • S2 Exemption - WEX025343 and EPR/JF0708EB/A001 (storing waste in a secure place)
  • T4 Exemption - WEX025343 and EPR/JF0708EB/A001 (baling, sorting and shredding of non-agricultural wastes such as paper and plastics)
  • T16 Exemption - WEX025343 (treating waste printer cartridges by sorting, dismantling, cleaning or refilling)
  • T11 Exemption – NCC/060629 (repair and refurbishment of waste electrical and electronic equipment)