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Clover Environmental Solutions Ltd is the market leader in reverse logistic solutions to support recycling programmes for printer consumables and consumer electronic devices. Our services extend to a broad customer base throughout Europe. We collect in excess of 9 million units annually which are remanufactured, remarketed or recycled through the Clover Technologies Group or our qualified client base.

Clover Environmental Solutions continues to invest in the diversification of our collection programmes to meet market demand and to support long term growth strategies. The combination of Clover Environmental Solutions’ collections and recycling business along with the Clover Group’s robust product and services solidifies the Clover Group’s evolution into a vertically integrated solutions provider.

Clover Environmental Solutions’ role within the Clover Group is to operate collection programmes to support product remanufacturing or re-marketing across a rapidly diversifying product portfolio. Our activities incorporate both a purchase and sales process and our client base ranges from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) through to consumers.


Our global recovery operations extend to relationships with office supply distributors, OES dealers, OEMs, large corporate organisations, used cartridge collectors, remanufacturers, charities and other recycling organisations. Our breadth of experience means you are dealing with the professionals with one thing in common – we all share a passion for a business which requires innovative mechanisms to ensure our clients receive a premium world class service.

Our wealth of experience, quality of service and forward thinking approach make us your ideal recycling partner, whatever the size of your company. Our services range from setting up and running a charity recycling programme and creating an innovative buy-back programme, to developing reverse logistics solutions with you.